Root canal treatment is necessary when the roots a of tooth become infected or inflamed. Common causes of root canal inflammation are decay, cracks, fractures, trauma, or repetitive dental procedures performed on a specific tooth.

Root canal pain or symptoms may include a sharp pain when applying pressure or biting down, toothache, jaw ache, or sensitivity to hot/cold.

In the past, root canal treatment has been rumored to be a painful dental procedure. Thankfully, this rumor is absolutely false. Quite the contrary, root canal treatment provides much needed pain relief for patients in need of the procedure.

Root canal treatment also saves your smile by preserving your natural teeth and preventing the need for extraction. At Norton Dental New Liskeard, Dr. Taimish understands the severe discomfort caused by root canal pain and regularly welcomes walk-in root canal patients as well as emergency root canal patients.

Many of our patients here at Norton Dental New Liskeard are surprised to find that root canal treatment feels no different that having a simple routine filling. The entire root canal procedure can be completed in just one or two dental appointments and you may resume your daily activities immediately after your treatment.

The root canal procedure begins by numbing the treatment area with local anesthesia. Once completely numb, Dr. Taimish will then place a rubber dam around the tooth to protect it from the bacteria in your saliva. A tiny opening is created in the tooth's surface to allow access to the root canals. The canals are cleaned, disinfected and then refilled with a dental sealant. A dental crown may be placed on the tooth to strengthen and protect it from cracks and fractures.

Root canal complications are rare. Root canal pain after treatment may consist of some slight tenderness in the gums where the rubber dam was placed, or some minor sensitivity when biting down directly on the tooth. This minor discomfort will subside in a day or two. Dr. Taimish may suggest chewing on the opposite side to allow the tooth to rest although many patients do not feel any discomfort at all.

It is important that note that a root canal procedure does not prevent the future formation of cavities or decay. Regular oral hygiene is crucial to maintaining strong and healthy teeth. With proper oral hygiene, a tooth treated with a root canal procedure can last just as long as other natural teeth.

When presented with the decision between root canal or extraction, Dr. Taimish will always chose the course of treatment that ensures the preservation of as much natural tooth structure as possible. A strong advocate for saving natural teeth, Dr. Taimish is committed to providing quality dental care that ensures the health and comfort of each patient.

Root canal cost is determined by the severity of infection and which tooth is affected. Root canal cost is based on the number of canals, the degree of difficulty and the tooth's location within the mouth. For example, front teeth have less canals that back teeth. In New Liskeard, root canal cost is covered by most dental insurance companies as it is a restorative procedure rather than cosmetic.


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